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What to pack for Morocco as a Tourist?

Is there a Moroccan dress code for men and women? 

There is not really a dress code in Morocco there are simply things that you should know. Below are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about what to wear in Morocco that foreigners ask very often themselves.

While the vast majority of the youth dress in a modern way known to everyone, many Moroccans still dress in a traditional way. Traditional Moroccan clothing is one of the prides of Morocco with its cuisine considered to be the second-best gastronomy in the world!

Moroccan clothing differs completely according to certain regions, ethnicity, and socio-professional categories. As said, it must be kept in mind that the clothes of the city dwellers have nothing to do with those of the rural population.

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For women, everything is based on the fact that it is better not to attract attention. During your stay in Morocco, try to dress appropriately, but without, becoming obsessive, making a fuss, and therefore worry about it more than you should. Once again, Moroccans are used to tourists, so reassure yourself. They are kind, very friendly, and welcoming and they are not at all like other more strict Muslim countries. They won’t be offended unless you provoke them verbally by insulting them.


  • You can wear dresses and skirts, however, the minimal length would be just above the knee and loose. Depending on the top of the dress, if it shows too much cleavage, you can cover your shoulders with a card to look more decent.
  • Regarding leggings, you can wear them with a long shirt or blouse that reaches your tights so you won’t attract attention to yourself and be bothered by some young men.
  • Shorts are good to go as long as they are not too short. Opt for city shorts, capri pants, or long loose trousers especially if you go to untouristic areas like distant Moroccan villages.
  • Sleeveless shirts are accepted but keep in mind again that tank tops will attract unwanted attention.
  • Beachwear is only appropriate at the beach, regarding bikinis, You won’t have any problem in a hotel so you can wear any type of bathing suit that you want. However, it should be mentioned that you might not feel as comfortable on some Moroccan beaches. So what to wear on Morocco’s beaches? Our advice would be to visit the beach where you want to swim and see if they are many people and look at what they are wearing. If you see many tourists wearing bikinis while getting tanned then you know what to do ?. If on the contrary, there are few tourists or none, and you really want to swim, it will be best to wear something above your bikini.

There is not really a dress code for men in Morocco. The only thing any man needs to keep in mind is to wear decent and normal clothes as he would do anywhere else in the world.

You should always remember that Morocco is a Muslim country, although it is, Moroccan people are very kind, friendly and are used to foreigners and tourists. You can wear whatever you want depending on where you are going. If you’re touring the medina or visiting, be sure to wear an attire that will not attract unwanted attention. When in your hotel, you can dress in anything you want.

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