Fes el Bali, medina of Fez
Fes El Bali
Fes el Bali stands as the historic heart of Fez, the second largest city of Morocco. This ancient medina, which translates to 'Old Fes,' is a labyrinth of narrow streets and alleys dating back to the founding of the city. Established between 789 and 808 AD as the capital of the Idrisid dynasty, Fes el Bali is a living testament to the city's medieval past. With its high walls enclosing countless historical treasures, it was duly recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site along with the newer Fes Jdid in 1981.
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Ait Benhaddou in Morocco
Ait Ben Haddou
Aït Benhaddou stands as a striking example of Southern Moroccan architecture, located near the town of Ouarzazate. This ancient ksar, or fortified village, has towered over the caravan routes linking the Sahara Desert to Marrakesh since the 17th century, serving as an important hub for traders carrying gold, salt, and other goods across the desert. Its earthen clay buildings, backed by a history that stretches back several hundred years, have earned Aït Benhaddou a place on the UNESCO World Heritage list since 1987, highlighting its significance and state of preservation as a vital cultural landmark.
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